W.O.W.- May 18th |Standard Sunbed|

Wed, 18th May, 2022

10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Solymar Beach

Please Read All Information Before You Make A Purchase

W.O.W – Women Only Wednesday
Wednesday MAY 18TH
Music: Solymar Playlist Food: Solymar New Greek Menu

W.O.W. at Solymar Bahrain are special days for ladies only. Men are not permitted in the beach during those hours. All Solymar staff inside the beach are only ladies. Doors open on 10AM sharp and only guests with online payment proof will be allowed in. No walk-ins will be available on the day. The beach opens to the general public again at 6PM sharp.

Children welcomed. 2 children under 11 years old enter for free. Third pays full price. Boys over 11 years old are not permitted. CPRs needed for proof of age.

Abbayas / Burnkinis and any type of dress permitted on W.O.W.

Please Note By Purchasing Tickets You Agree To The Below:
• Tickets are not refundable
• Ticket sales are final and not exchangeable
• Must maintain social distancing
• Must wear face mask when walking around beach
• Towels mandatory for entry / Must have towel on beds for health reasons
• 6 guests maximum per group
• Food & Drinks from outside not allowed. Including any kind of container / bottle etc
• 1 sunbed per guest. Beds are assigned by Solymar staff on entry and cannot change
• Solymar Beach Bahrain cannot control the traffic (boats, jet skies etc) passing by in the water
• In case of extreme wind conditions umbrellas will remain closed. In this case guests have until 11AM to decide if they will stay or go. Full refund will be given by 11AM for this circumstance only. No refunds after 11AM for bad weather conditions/ closed umbrellas.