Our Story

In 2019, the first and only one its kind destinations in Bahrain, Solymar Beach was created in an effort to amalgamate all the charisma and appeal of the fascinating island Kingdom in a venue that would eventually redefine opulent beach life. A restaurant that serves hearty dishes; a beach bar where the parties seem to emerge from the waves; an establishment that never seizes to improve. Be a part of our story as you bask under the golden rays on our sun-beds and let the cool breeze and the soothing sounds of the waves kissing the shores relax you. An ode to comfort and luxury, Solymar is a spacious yet private venue that allows you to soak in the perfect environment that is nothing short of a charming getaway right on the coast of Bahrain.

The Creator

A visionary. A pioneer. A driving force within the entrepreneurial industry in Bahrain. Kyriako Zarkadas is prominent figure on the island as the CEO of Visit Bahrain, which is widely recognized in the Kingdom as the leading Destination Marketing Company in charge of handling local and international tour groups and individuals, events, and MICE. He also serves as the founder of Arion Media, a full-service GCC-based digital media solutions agency in charge of elevating the social media and overall public image of their partners in Bahrain. Kyriako’s venture into hospitality allowed him to dive deeply into the shores of Bahrain with the launch of Solymar Beach. “An inspiring seaside experience”, the aspiring beach destination brings together the exciting ambiance of the Greek islands and Ibiza, mixed with the welcoming nature of Bahrain, creating a premium destination for beach-goers, locals and visitors alike! From conception to fruition, Kyriako worked tirelessly to make, what once was only a dream, a stunning and picturesque reality.